Asbury, Jon A : grading profile               Games

Field Value Description
Ref 105876K Grading Code
Name Asbury, Jon A Name of player, surname first
Sex M  
Age Age on August 31st of current season
Member ECF membership number, class and expiry.
Club(s) Shirley & Wythall
Worcestershire CCA
Club(s) player is listed for
Nation ENG Nationality code
FIDE 406449 FIDE code
Category A  
Grade 118 Current Standard grade (amended version, if appropriate)
  118 Standard grade (original unamended)
Games 41 Standard games played, latest 12 months
  41 Standard games counted (total)
Rank 4960 Rank, excluding FIDE registered foreign players
Category B  
Grade 110 Current Rapid grade (amended version, if appropriate)
  110 Rapid grade (original unamended)
Games 21 Rapid games played, latest 12 months
  30 Rapid games counted (total)
Rank 2014 Rank, excluding FIDE registered foreign players

Asbury, Jon A : Grade History

Standardplay Grade List Rapidplay Grade
118A July 2020 110B
129A Jan 2020 111A
131A July 2019 111A
132A Jan 2019 113B
126A July 2018 115A
130A Jan 2018 121A
135A July 2017 125B
127A Jan 2017 133C
125A July 2016 128C
131A Jan 2016 117C
135A Jul 2015 112C
129A Jan 2015 113C
127X July 2014 115B
126A Jan 2014 113C
130X July 2013 115C
130A Jan 2013 120B
142A July 2012 124B
140A Jan 2012 127A
142A July 2011 129B
Jan 2011 127C
143A July 2010 124C
Jan 2010 117C
142A July 2009 116C
Jan 2009 89C
122A July 2008 91C
Jan 2008 94B
124A July 2007 92B
Jan 2007 87A
122A July 2006 86A
117A July 2005 94D
112A July 2004 95A
116A July 2003 94A
118A July 2002 83C
121A July 2001 90B
123A July 2000 88B
124A July 1999 87C
134A July 1998
July 1998 88D
125A July 1997
125A July 1996
125A July 1995
120A July 1994
Standardplay Grade List Rapidplay Grade